Curriculum Experiences Outcome of Experiences
The Culture Shock Experience (Anti-Racism) The Culture Shock Experience (Anti-Racism) Students will learn and understand the negative impacts of racism and will learn how not to be racist as well as how to stand against Racism.
The Anti-Bullying Experience The Anti-Bullying Experience Students will experience ways to create a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and positive reinforcement strategies for behaviors that have been proven to stop bullying.
Embracing Multiculturalism This experience creates an understanding, respect and appreciation of different cultures in today’s growing world and society.
The Leadership Experience This experience provides a roadmap in achieving excellence in Leadership. It provides students the opportunity to understand what it takes to influence and empower others.
Overcoming Adversity Students will learn how to create a strong support system that starts with them as the center of that support system.
The International Experience The International Experience Student will participate in partner programs between classrooms in the United States, United Kingdom and Africa will be established for an interactive cultural exchange experience. This creates an understanding, respect and appreciation of different cultures.

Please note that our experiences include innovative and creative visuals supplementing each day’s lesson along with powerful discussion and feedback based on student/pair/group responses. All lessons are interactive. The end of a multi-session program will culminate in presentations from the students based on Project Based Learning Assignments that cover a variety of learning modalities.