Our Approach

We offer tailored curriculums that are specific to the needs of the students in with which
collaborate Teachers and Administrators at various grade levels:


The Culture Shock Experience (Anti-Racism)
The Anti-Bullying Experience
Embracing Multiculturalism
The Leadership Experience
Overcoming Adversity
The International Experience

Please note that our experiences include innovative and creative visuals supplementing each day’s lesson along with powerful discussion and feedback based on student/pair/group responses. All lessons are interactive. The end of a multi-session program will culminate in presentations from the students based on Project Based Learning Assignments that cover a variety of learning modalities.

Time duration of daily sessions range from 1 hour to 2 hours. Additional  sessions within the same day are available with special pricing to be determined.

We also offer an “Adopt-A-School” program where we are part of the school community for the entire school year. This would be tailored specifically to the school’s needs of which prices will vary based on frequency of presentations.
Please note that pre-planning includes surveys and information sheets designed to learn more about the students/staff and school in general.